When Your Mac Has Problems ….. You Have Problems! We know, We’ve Been There. That is Why We Created The MAC HEALING CENTER so Relax …. We Can Get You “Back On The Road Again” with our Highly Competent Service. We specialize in fixing Interstellar, Galactic, Plasmic, Flux Field Reductive Meltdowns of Macs.

No Fix ……… No Charge

Mac Slow? Mac doing weird stuff? Takes a Long time to Boot-Up? Sketchy? Free Mac Checkup! Free House Call to help with Printer and Network issues within a 20-mile radius of Grass Valley. Also, we can pick up your Mac, diagnose at our “Mac Healing Center”, give a quote, and bring back all for less than you would pay up in here. Quick Turnaround. Printer repair and setup. (In most cases we recommend a new printer, however, we will help you find a suitable replacement and install for you. In most cases this saves you money!)

Macinators is a new, local to Nevada County, resource for fixing your Mac hardware/software issues.  Our customer reviews prove that we can handle the tough jobs. Experience and depth of knowledge count when it comes to computer issues. Macinators has one Software Engineer and one Electronics Engineer on staff. Both have over 40 years of experience each.
  • macOS Issues (OS 7-11)
  • Mac Desktop/Laptop
  • Disk and Memory Upgrades
  • File Recovery
  • General Hardware & Software Troubleshooting
  • Printer & Scanner Installations
  • Networking with Macs, Windows and Linux
  • Website Creation with WordPress
  • PHP, HTML5, MySql, OS X (UNIX) Scripting
  • General Consulting and Advice on Macs, Windows & Linux
  • These Services Available on Windows & Linux Also!
  • Protools Support, Tips, and Advice from Pros
  • Disk Sharing issues

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