We believe we are the best Macintosh repair service because we have a great team. Between the two of them Mike and Chuck have a totoal of 80 years of experience in Mac hardware and software. Both hail from Silicon Valley and live in Nevada County now.

Mike Shapiro and Chuck Rivers (Aardvark Computers Systems), have come together to form MACINATORS that will provide superior Mac Services for Grass Valley and the greater Nevada County area. Chuck specializes in Hardware and Mike specializes in Software. Between both of them, you have a unique blend of abilities. Here is little about each of them!

Mike Shapiro brings more than 40 years of software experience working with macOS as a software consultant. He has worked in this capacity for top Silicon Valley companies such as HP and Sun Microsystems. Mike can track down obscure bugs in your system if you have them. He has written software for the OS X system.

Chuck Rivers has also been involved in Silicon Valley but as an Electrical Engineer. He has roughly 40 years of this kind of experience including his solo venture, Aardvark Computing. As a matter of fact that is how Chuck and Mike ran into each other when Mike has used Chuck’s hardware services to upgrade his Mac/Protools system with more memory and an ultra fast Solid State hard drive. It became apparent that they could offer a lot to Mac users in Nevada County and macinators.com was born.

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