Phil H. – Mike and Chuck completely revamped my Mac and know it runs better and faster and has greater storage capacity but I still can’t spelled.

David M. – Independent Music Producer -My initial contact with this company was to fix physical damage to a hard drive. This hard drive was in a 15-year-old Mac G5. I use this computer almost every day. It contains a software program that is specific to the Mac and its OS. A very solid, reliable program that does everything I could ask – and over the years I have become rather proficient in its utilization and saw no need to ‘upgrade’ to anything else. I brought the damaged drive to two computer repair facilities, and both stated they could not fix the drive. 10 years of production, and two that I was working on, were on that drive. Although everything was backed up (except the two projects in progress), I desperately needed that drive either running or recovered to another drive. The second facility passed on a flyer that provided me details for shipping this drive out of state, where they would charge a minimum of (non-refundable) $500 just to look it over – with the potential overall cost into the thousands to repair/recover. When said and done this team not only fixed the 15-year-old hard drive, the Mac itself was upgraded to a (quasi) solid-state unit. It now performs better than when I first bought it! And the kicker – all this work was done for $400 – not thousands. So I say, if you have a unit that needs repair that nobody will touch, (or can not do), give these guys a try. They’re on it.

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Russ W. – They took a dead Mac G5 and brought it back to life and now my Protools music system is functioning better than ever.